The RACGP QI&CPD Program has approved two 40 Category 1 point activities. These include:

  • A questionnaire completed by patients on the doctor’s interpersonal skills (ISQ).
  • A questionnaire completed by the doctor’s colleagues on their professionalism (360 feedback). This activity involves colleagues providing feedback on the doctor's professional skills such as clinical ability, time management, team work, probity and health.

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), as part of its Professional Development Program, has approved the ISQ and the 360 feedback for 30 points extended skills.

Your Feedback

“It was helpful to receive honest feedback from our staff and colleagues I work with. I especially valued individual comments as this provides me with specific examples of how my actions and behaviour affect our staff and patient care. The graphical overview of results was helpful as it gives an instant visual reference ”

NZ Registrar

“This survey is a good reflection of my overall skills as a GP”


“Very good survey. Gives me more ideas and guidance regarding doctor/patient/colleague interaction/relationship. Gives me more confidence and guidance and moreover point out my strong and weak areas where I have to concentrate more. So it’s a really helpful survey for me”