Multi-Source Feedback for AHPRA doctors

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) is a well-recognised, valid and reliable method of assessing interpersonal and professional behaviour, development and clinical skills.

The MSF tool consists of two components:

  • a colleague feedback assessment tool and a self-assessment tool; (collectively known as Colleague Feedback Evaluation Tool or CFET ) and
  • a patient assessment tool (Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire or ISQ).

Standard Required

Candidates are required to demonstrate satisfactory completion of the Multi Source Feedback (MSF).

This requires submission to AHPRA of:

  • a completed MSF report covering the two components;
  • a completed reflective exercise; and
  • evidence of discussion with a Medical Supervisor

The MSF must be conducted through Client Focused Evaluations Program (CFEP). Both components of the tool must be completed, however it is acceptable to undertake the CFET component and ISQ separately.

Once candidate is notified by AHPRA that a MSF is to be undertaken, candidates must have fulfilled the requirements of all components of the MSF process within five (5) months.

If an extension is required for completion of all/any of the components of the MSF, candidates must seek approval from AHPRA. Written confirmation of granted extension is to be provided to CFEP.

In the event that the deadline is exceeded, the candidate will be required to:

  • re-enrol; and
  • pay the MSF assessment fee and recommence the process

Special Circumstances

AHPRA acknowledges that some work environments may create difficulties for candidates to complete all/any of the MSF requirements. Candidates who consider that their working environment would pose significant difficulties in fulfilling the requirements of the MSF should contact AHPRA before enrolling with CFEP.

If consideration of extenuating circumstance is required, applications must be made in writing to AHPRA direct. Such applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

CFEP Report

On receipt of report from CFEP, candidates must submit a completed self-reflective exercise and evidence of discussion with Medical Supervisor to AHPRA. The self-reflective exercise, titled Medical Supervisor Assessment Document, is provided with the report.

To apply to undertake the AHPRA MSF, download and print the application form, and fax it to 07-33557047.

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