Multi-Source Feedback for ACRRM doctors

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) is a well-recognised, valid and reliable method of assessing interpersonal and professional behaviour, development and clinical skills.

The MSF tool consists of two components:

  • a colleague feedback assessment tool and a self-assessment tool; (collectively known as Colleague Feedback Evaluation Tool or CFET ) and
  • a patient assessment tool (Doctors’ Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire or DISQ).

Standard Required

Candidates are required to demonstrate satisfactory completion of at least one MSF.

This requires submission to ACRRM of:

  • a completed MSF report covering the two components;
  • a completed reflective exercise; and
  • evidence of discussion with a Medical Educator

The MSF for ACRRM is conducted through Client Focused Evaluations Program (CFEP).

The ACRRM version of the MSF is the preferred tool. Alternate versions of MSF offered by CFEP are also acceptable. Both components of the tool must be completed, however it is acceptable to undertake the CFET and DISQ components separately.

Candidates are eligible to enrol in the MSF after completing 12 months of training. All components of the MSF must be undertaken during training time.

To apply to undertake the MSF, download and print the application form, and fax it to 07-33557047.

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), as part of its Professional Development Program, has approved the ISQ and the 360 feedback for 30 points extended skills.