About CFEP Surveys

CFEP has an international reputation for providing health professionals (eg. GPs, consultants, nurses and their organisations) with systematic patient and colleague feedback on their interpersonal/professional skills and other service aspects.

In 1994 CFEP pioneered the concept of systematic patient feedback on doctors' interpersonal skills. Its instrument and process of feedback was accredited by the Quality Assurance Program within the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

In 1996 CFEP was approved by the Australian Government in order to provide patient feedback to general practices as part of the accreditation process, then known as the Better Practice Program.

CFEP is currently looking at expanding its services to hospital staff, and in particular, specialist doctors and nurses.

CFEP also has an office in the United Kingdom at the Innovation Centre, University of Exeter. Here, CFEP has extensive experience with supporting healthcare professionals and organisations with NHS requirements improving patient experience.

More recently CFEP has supported the General Medical Council (GMC) in the design and validation of Multi-source Feedback (360 degree) tools for doctor revalidation.